Saas-Fee is crowdfunding season passes for CHF222


Following on from its record-breaking crowdfunding campaign last year, Saas-Fee is repeating its sale of season ski passes for CHF222 — though this year Saas-Grund is included, too.

Last October, Saas-Fee started to crowdfund its season WinterCARD ski passes for CHF222 (around £180) — less than the price of a regular four-day pass in the Swiss resort. By mid-November, enough had been sold and the passes were released for use, making history as the most successful crowd-funding campaign in Europe.

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The campaign is now entering its second round, with 2017/18 WinterCARDS available CHF222 — but this year with the inclusion of Saas-Grund, along with Saas-Almagell a little further along the valley. A day ticket for all three areas costs CHF72 so you can effectively use all the slopes for free after the third day of skiing.

Of course, in true crowd-funding style, this deal is only valid when 77,777 people reserve a pass before 22 April 2017. Your credit card will only be charged if the deal comes into effect (ie, enough people buy) but at the time of writing, almost 18,700 had already been sold.

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