Redbull Tv follow the work of Air Zermatt


Red Bull Tv has launched a new documentary series followed the work of Air Zermatt, known as the best air search rescue team in the world.

Air Zermatt’s team are responsible for the 772-square-mile area including Switzerland’s famed and sometimes ferocious Matterhorn. Every year Air Zermatt undertake approximately 1700 operations to aid stranded and injured skiers,snowboards, climbers and hikers.

“With every rescue I take something I never forget: the will to stay alive, Every mistake will be your last.”

Shot from the rescuer’s view gives a real-life glimpse into the incredible team and their harrowing rescues perform day in, day out. This series sheds light on the most virtuous aspects of putting your own life at risk when saving others. The helicopter crew brave strong winds, high altitudes, climbs into bottomless crevasses as well as what it’s most well known for, plucking stranded and injured victims from cliffs and icy slopes. Rescues that risk their lives along with that of the patient.

The Horn is set to the backdrop of the fierce and magnificent Matterhorn

The Red Bull series is called “The Horn” referring not only to the Matterhorn backdrop for the films, but also the station’s horn that blares when a call for help comes in. The Matterhorn’s 14,692-foot crag draws the world’s most daring winter sports enthusiasts, as well as tourists. All of who can underestimate the danger behind the beauty of the Matterhorn. The captivating cinematography of the series brings the viewer into the unforgiving mountain and provides unprecedented access to its most inhospitable domains.

Air Zermatt by the Numbers

Rescue missions per year: 1,600–1,700
Area of operations: 772 square miles
Number of helicopters: 9
Paramedics: 7
Flight assistants: 16
Engineers/technicians: 15
Administrative/call centre/office staff: 15
Doctors: 32 (all volunteers, on a rotating schedule)
Pilots: 6 full-time and 5 freelance; 5 certified flight instructors
Winch/fixed rope rescues per year: 500 plus

The 12-part series includes films on crevasse rescue, an injured man who fell nine stories into a crevasse to a completely an injured ski. Each program lasts around 45 minutes long.

The Horn is available from the RedBull website @

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