Marc Márquez takes MotoGP to the slopes


Yes, you did indeed read that headline correctly. For this video does depict three-time MotoGP World Champion and, presumably, certifiable lunatic Marc Marquez attempting to and succeeding at riding his Honda race bike up an Austrian ski slope.

The run comes more or less a year after Max Verstappen did the same thing in his Red Bull F1 car, and at the same place – on the Hahnenkamm in Kitzbühel, Austria, ahead of the annual Streif skiing competition.

To cope with the snow and ice a set of seriously spiky tyres (that look like something out of Mad Max) were fitted to Marquez’s bike, giving him enough purchase on the slippery surface to not only make what looks like quite swift progress, but actually pull a wheelie.

Marquez said: “It was really difficult to keep the bike under control, but I’m young and it’s good fun to try some crazy things!” Indeed it is Marc.

LAST year, Red Bull sent Max Verstappen into the Alps armed with his Formula 1 car. Verstappen’s run last year kicked up a bit of a fuss, so this year’s effort took place under total secrecy on Friday morning, the only evidence a few photos on social media and a single video clip.

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